Astro Roulette

Many have learned about the astro roulette and its unique gameplay; but you do have to wonder how to play astro roulette properly; as this game can seem to be very difficult. The reality here is that astrology is the basis for the Astro Roulette game; and it’s actually a very good insight into the way fortune may or may not smile for you depending on the situation.

The astro roulette experience and the rules astro roulette are pretty much similar to the European variant of the game. That helps deliver a very good value for the player and it also makes the gameplay very enjoyable and interesting to begin with. The difference is that you have 12 signs and 37 spaces that have to be filled on the wheel. You have an infinity pocket which plays the role of zero in this game. The other 36 are basically split in between the 12 different astrological signs. All pockets are focused on a certain sign.

How to play astro roulette?

What you need to do here is to basically predict the place; where the ball will be able to land during the next spin. There are multiple ways to do that and there will be different odds as well depending on the winning chances that you might have. You can play any combinations and you just need to meet the wager minimum to get the best results. A thing to note here is that the bet options are going from Infinity to straight; split, basket, seasons, elements, rows and positive or negative.

The gameplay in this game is handled with care and ease. You are free to choose the desired number of chip denominations and then you can easily place the bet on the betting area. You have buttons that enable you to clear your bets. This is helpful in case you want to change the tactics and it will be really good in the end. You hit the Spin button and then the experience will begin. The balls will fall in a certain place and the winning bets will be paid to the people that won the game.

The house edge is smaller for the astro roulette which means that the house edge is over the infinity pocket. People usually avoid doing this as it will help them achieve some very good results in the end. The astro roulette game is very similar to the Chinese Roulette as only the zodiac symbols are different here. The gameplay is very good and while the esthetics are a little different here the gameplay is very interesting and certainly a lot of fun.

If you want a unique and exciting take on the regular roulette games you will see that astro roulette is a very good experience. You should definitely give this game a try as you are bound to love it and its gameplay mechanics.